It’s a Consumption Based World

Greenlake is an as-a-service offering that delivers on-demand capacity and planning, combining the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

Consumption based

Companies across all verticals — from manufacturing to retail to healthcare — leverage HPE GreenLake to gain flexibility, increase control, and lower their TOC Total Ownership Cost.  Saturn can meter your usage — whether it’s gigabytes of storage, compute hours, or megabytes of network traffic — and you pay only for what you consume (Flex-capacity).

Saturn has become one of the leading experts in providing our customers with the solutions that help modernize their infrastructure by showcasing HPE Greenlake. Our experts can help you as well. Lets talk!

Saturn is proud to be a Platinum Partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Benefits of GreenLake

  • Pay for what you need
  • Choose your technology
  • Get proactive support
  • Align services with needs
  • Plan capacity ahead of demand

HPE GreenLake’s interactive portal helps you monitor, manage, and optimize consumption-based IT services, on-premises and in the cloud.

As a consumer, there are 5 questions should ask your IT provider:

1: What is your real consumption model? Does it mean multi-year leasing? Is it static subscription pricing? Pay per use?
  • Greenlake is unlike a lease or subscription. It is a true ‘pay as you go’ model.  (Minimizing up front cost)
2: Do you offer metering?
  • HPE Greenlake offers granular metering with visibility into usage and cost which helps with 100% utilization.
3: How long have you been doing this for your customers?
  • Make sure your with a trusted partner with architecture and expertise to ensure successful implementation
4: How deep is your portfolio?
  • We offer a wide array of aaS such as on premise, edge and hybrid cloud offerings.
5: What services are included?
  • Your ‘as a service’ should include costs, maintenance, metering, capacity management and the ability to add/subtract as needed.

Saturn will help you to radically simplify your IT, reduce your costs and free up your resources to work on other priorities

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